MPPT charger controller 12v 24v 36 volt lifepo4 system controller solar controller/charge regulator MPPT 80 amp

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MPPT charger controller 12v 24v 36 volt lifepo4 system controller solar controller/charge regulator MPPT 80 amp
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
ブランド名: Fangpusun
Model Number: FLEXmax MPPT 80
Type: MPPT
Application: Charger Controller, Collector Controller, Solar Working Station, Voltage Controller, Solar System Controller
Max PV Power: 7500W
Max PV Voltage: 150VOC
Certificate: CE,SGS,IEC,RoHs,ISO9001
Warranty: 2 years, 2 Years
Battery Voltage: 12 24 36 48 60 VDC
Rated Current: 80A
Maximum PV Power , 12v: 1250W
Maximum PV Power , 48v: 5000W
Maximum PV Power , 60v: 7500W
Maximum PV Open circuit voltage: 150V
Maximum efficiency: 97.5%
Charging Regulation: Five Stages : Bulk,Absorption,Float,Silent and Equalization
Color: Black
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
ブランド名: Fangpusun
証明: CE,SGS,IEC,RoHs,ISO9001
Model Number: FLEXmax MPPT 80
Packaging Details: 7kgs/pcs 4pcs/ctn 29.5kgs/ctn
Product Details

12v 24v 36 volt lifepo4 Solar System Controller MPPT Solar Charge Controller / Regulator 80 amp


FLEXmax MPPT 60 (12/24/48/60V , 60A)
FLEXmax MPPT 80 (12/24/48/60V , 80A)

The FLEXmax MPPT family of charge controllers is the latest innovation in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers from fangpusun. The innovative FLEXmax MPPT software algorithm is both continuous and active , increasing your photovoltaic array power yield up to 30% compared to non-MPPT controllers . Thanks to active cooling and intelligent thermal management cooling , both FLEXmax charge controllers can operate at their full maximum current rating , 60 Amps or 80 Amps respectively , in ambient temperatures as high as 104 F (40 C).

Included in all of the FLEXmax Charge Controllers are the revolutionary features first developed by fangpusun , including support for a wide range of nominal battery voltages and the ability to step-down a higher voltage solar array to recharge a lower voltage battery bank . A built-in,backlit 80 character display shows the current status and logged system performance data for the last 128 days at the touch of a button . The integrated OutBack network communications allows FLEXmax series Charge Controllers to be remotely programmed and monitored via a MATE system display and provides unrivaled completes integration .

FLEXmax MPPT Charge Controllers are the only choice when you demand a high performance , efficient and versatile charge controller for your advanced power system .

Product Parameters
Nominal Battery Voltage 

12 , 24 , 36 , 48 or 60 VDC

Maximum Output Current
60 amps 
80 amps 

Maximum Solar Array STC Nameplate
12 VDC systems 900 Watts
24 VDC systems 1800 Watts
48 VDC systems 3600 Watts
60 VDC systems 4500 Watts
12 VDC systems 1250 Watts
24 VDC systems 2500 Watts
48 VDC systems 5000 Watts
60 VDC systems 7500 Watts
NEC Recommended Solar Array STC Nameplate
12 VDC systems 750 Watts
24 VDC systems 1500 Watts
48 VDC systems 3000 Watts
60 VDC systems 3750 Watts
12 VDC systems 1000 Watts
24 VDC systems 2000 Watts
48 VDC systems 3750 Watts
60 VDC systems 5000 Watts
PV Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)
150 VDC absolute maximum coldest conditions / 145 VDC start-up and operating maximum
Standby Power Consumption 
Less than 1 Watt typical
Power Conversion Efficiency
98.1 % @ 60Amp in at 48VDC System voltage - Typical 
97.5 % @ 60Amp in at 48VDC System voltage - Typical 
Charging Regulation
Five Stages : Bulk , Absorption , Float , Silent and Equalization
Voltage Regulation Set points
10 to 80 VDC user adjustable with password protection
Equalization Charging 
Programmable Voltage Setpoint and Duration - Automatic Termination when completed 
Battery Temperature Compensation
Automatic with optional RTS installed / 5.0 mV per C per 2V battery cell
Voltage Step-Down Capability
Can charge a lower voltage battery from a higher voltage PV array - Max 150 VDC input 
Programmable Auxilary Control Output 
12 VDC output signal which can be programmed for different control applications (Maximum of 0.2 amps DC)
Status Display
3.1" (8 cm) backlit LCD screen - 4 lines with 80 alphanumeric characters total 
Remote Display and Controller
Optional Mate or Mate 2 with RS232 serial Communications Port
Network Cabeling 
Proprietary network system using RJ 45 Modular Connectors with CAT 5e Cable (8 wires)

Data Logging 
Last 128 days of Operation - Amp Hours , Watt Hours , Time in Float , Peak Watts , Amps , Solar Array Voltage , Max Battery Voltage Min Battery Voltage and Absorb for each day along with total Accumulated Amp Hours , and Kw Hours of production 
Hydro Turbine Applications
Consult factory for approved Turbines
Positive Ground Applications
Requires two Pole Breakers for switching both positive and Negative Conductors on both Solar Array and Battery Connections (HUB-4 and HUB-10 can not be used for use in positive ground applications)
Operating Temperature Range
Minimum -40 to maximum 60 C (Power capacity of the controller is automatically derated when operated above 40 C)
Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) , HUB 4 , HUB 10 , MATE , MATE 2
Menu Languages 
English & Spanish
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12v 24v 36 volt lifepo4 Solar System Controller MPPT Solar Charge Controller / Regulator 80 amp
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